I Love You, Liar

I Love You, Liar


Author            :           Park Kyungjin

Cast                :           JYJ – Kim Jaejoong

                                    YOU (girl’s name)

Genre              :           Find it by your self

Rating             :           PG-13

Disclaimer      :           Inspiration by JYJ’s In Heaven song, but the plot still mine!

Backsound     :           JYJ – In Heaven

PS                   :           Sangat disarankan baca ini sambil dengerin backsoundnya ya…


“I’m going to leave now…”

“Don’t leave…”

“I’m going to come back so…”

“Liar, liar…”                 

“No! Don’t you know how much I love you?”

“Can’t you show that love to me right now?”

“I love you…”

“Can’t we love again?”

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